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My “want list” all the things I want but just can’t have, mostly due to things in life like food and shelter and family etc.

If anyone would like to purchace any of the items your more then welcome to buy me one or two items or even the hole lot. This list servers more then that one purpose it will also be use by myself just to keep track of all the shit I want. and of coarse any holiday wish list. Here is the list currently, it will be updated often so check back often the page link is above on the main menu



  • Lazy Boy Recliner

More stuff will be added and more categories, I Like Stuff.

DIY Mods for your VW

Want to make your VW unique these are some modifications that you can do yourself, and that are low cost or free, Some are a little old and some I don’t recommend but lots of ideas and clever modifications on the cheap, to give your VW a personal touch.

There are many more modifications and lots of other great information for your specific VW at:

VW MKIV Fog Light Install

The New trend in-car modification get the brightest and most light you can on you car, though I am not a huge fan of fog lights, especially when people don’t use them in the fog they use then constantly, day and night as if there proud of blinding the person in on coming traffic. But if you can’t bet them a guess join

Not many VW Golf’s come with the option for fog lights at least not the fourth generation VW golf’s but its an easy upgrade and you can find them pretty much anywhere. here is a set for ECS Tuning LED Fog lights with a .pdf file for insulation ECS parts are a little costly so I recommend you shop around a little I find them pretty cheap on e-bay.

Regular Fog Lights–2.0/Lighting/Fog_Lights/ES10324/


LED Fog Lights–2.0/Lighting/Fog_Lights/ES2091929/

and of coarse installation instructions



Matthew Latam Blog Launch

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newly designed no cost website, which goes live today.

Unfortunitly, I am on a budget and can’t have my own .com or .net etc, so I stated this blog to keep me busy, while I wait for some play money to come in. I’ll be adding more content and design when I have time so check back often.

This new site is mostly my resume and portfolio but I will add some more interesting posts as the days go by. the web address is if you have not already figured that one out.

Does Anyone want to host my site for free? if so just email me on the contact page.