20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50

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Someone asked a bunch of 50+ people about things they wished they had done in their younger years. The answers are incredibly smart, and in most cases, simple. If you’ve recently hit the big 3-0, this is your homework. 

1. Don’t smoke. If you’ve started, stop immediately.

“If you could see me now, I’m down on my poor, crackling knees begging you to at least consider stopping smoking,” writes Quora user Cyndi Perlman Fink. It’s expensive, smells gross, and is 100% guaranteed to cause health problems. Want to be cancer-free at 50? Stop smoking.

2. Stop eating crap.

“You can make a lot of money in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s,…90s to buy the whole world when you are at age 50 or beyond,” writes Quora user Sireesha Chilakamarri.  “But, you cannot buy your health. Give up on fast food right now at age 30.”

3. Maintain (or repair) relationships with parents and siblings.

“…Chances are you’ve come across ideas and changed in ways that mean you don’t see eye to eye with them on many issues. But then – that’s part of what a family can help with – to learn to get along with people you don’t agree with on many issues,” writes Quora user Robert Walker.”I come from a family which is very argumentative. If you didn’t understand the situation you might at times think we hate each other. But it isn’t like that at all. Rather, we free to speak our minds because the family ties are so strong.”

4. Stop going out in the sun without sunblock.

“I was stupid. I didn’t listen. Do you want wrinkles and thin skin from sun damage like I have and do you want bruises from just lightly touching the side of a box and having your skin peel off? Go ahead, enjoy lying in the sun without sunblock,” writes Quora user Cyndi Perlman Fink.

5. Exercise regularly.

Build an active lifestyle now, and when you’re 50 you won’t be stuck in a Rascal. “Don’t gain weight. Exercise. Keep your weight at a normal level that’s good for your body,” continues Cyndi Perlman Fink. “Weight does all kinds of bad things for you body. I’ve been fat, I’ve been thin, thin is healthier.”

6. Start saving money. Even if it’s just a tiny bit.

“Save money. I know this is a boring, trite, and unsexy suggestion, but it’s true,” writes Quora user Cliff Gilley. “In your 30s, the average person has a lot of disposable income, some of which can almost always easily be set aside for use later in life.  Plus, building the habit of saving early means you’ll continue it further down the line.”

7. Learn to be content with what you have.

“…Happiness is what matters far more than worldly success,” writes Quora user Robert Walker. “If you are content with what you have then you may be a bit less likely to end up a millionaire, but you will have a happier life.  And if you do become a wealthy person – is no reason why not, you’ll be a more happy, fulfilled and productive wealthy person.”

8. Don’t delay pursuing your life goals.

“Want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? Get a second degree or advanced degree? Change your career? Learn to play a new musical instrument? Learn to cook gourmet meals? Try scuba diving? Run for public office? Start a business and be self-employed? Then start today,” writes Quora user Bill Karwin. “It’s easy to put things off. “I’ll get to that someday.” But it’s really true that time starts accelerating as you enter your 30’s, and it keeps accelerating. The time that you’ll get around to those dreams should be now.”

9. Get some sleep.

“Use stellar sleep hygiene,” writes Quora user Nan Waldman. “A dark room or sleep shades will block out light. No bright screens before bedtime. Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time.”

10. Take care of your teeth.

“…Go to the freaking dentist already,” writes Quora user Caroline Zelonka. “Get your little cavities fixed as they come up. Unlike many body health issues, dental problems only get worse — and things like crowns and implants are uncomfortable, time-consuming and expensive (like, close to five figures per tooth for an extraction, implant and crown). If you have a good savings and income stream, the bills won’t be the painful thing — but there’s no getting around the pain and the time suck.”

11. Collect memories instead of things.

You are the sum of your experiences. Don’t wake up when you’re 50 and realize that you’ve wasted life gathering possessions. Memories won’t depreciate and can’t be burned in a fire. (Inspired by Quora user Richard Careaga).

12. Give something back.

“Give to others so you feel the goodness that service brings,” writes Quora user Nan Waldman. “However you give, do it with your full heart, soul, and effort. Expect nothing in return.”

13. Be curious and do one thing that scares you every day.

“Get out of the house and have an honest-to-God adventure right now,” writes Quora user Mary Leek. “Make it as big as you can possibly manage, take lots of pictures, throw caution to the wind, take on the risk, grab the brass ring. If possible, include someone you’re close to – make a BIG memory. It has to be more than jumping out of an airplane – it needs to be measured in days, not hours or minutes. You’ll still be smiling about it when you’re old and creaky, I promise. I am.”

14. Read at least 10 books a year.

“Gee I wish I spent more time watching TV and playing video,” said no 50 year-old ever. Your brain never stops growing, so exercise it with media that matters. (Inspired by Quora user Vanitha Muthukumar).

15. Travel. As much as possible, whenever you can.

“Traveling will change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you,” writes Jeff Goins. “It’s about experiencing true risk and adventure so you don’t have to live in fear for the rest of your life. And…inspiring others to step out of that fear, too.”

16. Learn to meditate.

“The list of benefits is endless, it only costs you a small amount of time a day, the change in your life and the people you love will be amazing,” writes Quora user Rens De Nobel. “And compared to ten years ago, there are long lists of scientific studies to back it up.”

17. Do you.

Trust me, the day your body starts to show the signs of wear & tear, you no longer see any fun in partying or trying to impress people around you,” writes Quora user Satish Kumar Grandhi. “You need to start your path of self discovery right now to become stronger by the time you are 50.”

18. Keep a journal.

“You WILL forget more of your precious memories that you’ll remember,” writes Quora user Mark Crawley. “Your written records will entertain and endear in your future (wish I had). Your computer should make this archiving all the easier to implement and retain / recall. Put files on memory sticks with photos. Your kids (or surviving spouse) may someday love you for it.”

19. Become a homeowner.

“Buy a house, it’ll be nearly paid for by the time you’re 50,” writes Quora user Liz Read.

20. Take care of your friends.

“Choose people who make you feel like you already are your best self, who challenge you by their example, and who you genuinely enjoy,” explains Nan Waldman. “Nurture them. Laugh with them. Be silly too. Contribute to their survival and enjoyment of life. Take the time every week to be in touch.”
Thanks to Distractify for this article 

Top 25 Android Secret Codes 2017


August 4, 2016 Sumon Mobile 0

Circumvented with various Patent problems, Android still achieves to be the very best selling platform within the smart phone world. The self-winding Android watches are made from the very best materials. Today we will talk about Android Secret Codes.

Nowadays, Android Smart Phones become more famous across the entire world with many users. Online, you will be able enough to find quality Android developers predicated on hourly, weekly and monthly. There are some Android secret codes. Likewise, there are customers using smart phones with Android operating system and also to supply Android-based applications, the help of an Android developer is continually required. Today we will discuss about Top 25 Android Secret Codes 2016. Android programming is simply helpful if the application is just an excellent development. With this specific partnership, a brand new open environment for the cell web is being created. These applications vary from productivity tools, social networking applications, and android games. Finally, this can lead to better applications, fuller applications, and the capability for programmers to produce works with fewer limitations than in the past.Android Secret Codes
What is Android Operating:

A normal check-up is regularly required to advance your Android devise general performance. Background settings of your own Android tablet play an essential function to decrease device’s sluggishness. Google e-Books will act as the default on each Android device. There are a couple of versions of Android that are currently being used to construct devices.

This trick is simply applicable to tablets employing the Android Honeycomb Operating-system. For now, let’s try to know why customers would rather buy through Apple iPad Android tablets. It is always sensible to turn-off the mobile data or Wi-Fi, in case you are not utilizing the internet on your own Android tablet.
The Chronicles of Android Operating:

Another consideration is 4G. Android is easily the most common used system that is typically used by phone manufacturers. The social networking functionality in addition to the availability of varied color alternatives, along with the reliable Android operating-system usually means this handset is really a head-turner. This distinctive operating system may be used in mobile phones for example smart phones, tablet computers etc.

The android app development is very new and has a lot of developers. For SCI-FI aficionados, he offers the Alien. The app should be unique and ought to stick out within the crowd. This is among the Android apps for everybody who would like to work with music inside their device.

This provides the developer a shot to share one’s experience. In short, Android app development isn’t about doing a small business anyhow, rather than it’s doing a small business with a win-win strategy for each stakeholder involved within the game. It is critical to employ the assistance of an Android development business to get the newest applications developed from them.

You don’t must be connected constantly. Now, there’s no need to change between apps to utilize Google now nor there’s a need of utilizing copy and paste. The Android application was initially introduced within the calendar year 2007.

It boosts up the total speed when safeguarding your data. In doing this, customers have really been able to become many improvements to the system which helps in overall functionality. Their operating systems create the required base for all these well-known devices. The program isn’t as fluid.
Experience of Android Operating:

All files are safeguarded by anti-virus system and this means that it’s safe for every single user. Other apps and services which a user may be running on her or his device should never get interrupted in almost any manner due to the Android app within the question. This will permit the users to create optimum of the app. Turn-off the connectivity alternatives, when really not being used.

There are numerous devices available today. To be able to perform hands free communication, there’s a built in speakerphone system and 3.5 millimeter audio Jack. One trouble with this device is that it really is not able enough to play DivX movie files. Attempt to offer complete charge to your own android device each day.

It is possible to do multitasking, as iPad and it’s also relatively cheaper when it comes to cost. In reality, its functions are moderately straightforward and simple to use. For usage beyond the corporate planet, however, e-readers have few drawbacks.

Top 25 Android Secret Codes:
Enable Phone Test Mode:  *#*#19732840#*#*
Phone Factory Data Reset:  *#*#778O#*#*
Phone Quick GPS Test:  *#*#I472365#*#*
Phone Music Audio Test:  *#*#0289#*#*
Phone Touch Screen Test:  *#*#2664#*#*
Phone Backup Media Files:  #’#273283*255*663282*#*#*
Packet Phone Loop back Test:  *#*#0283#*#*
Reinstalls Firmware & Format:  *2767*3855#
Phone Wireless LAN Test:  *#*#232339#*#*
Different Phone GPS Test:  *#*# 1575#*#*
Full Information your Phone:  *#*#4636#*#*
Phone Touch Screen Versions:  *#*#2663#*#*
Phone Bluetooth Device Address:  *#*#232337#*#
Phone, PDA, Hardware:  *#*#4986*2650468#*#*
Displays Build Time Test:  *#*#44336#*#*
Phone IMEI Number:  *#06#
Phone Google Service:  *#*#8255#*#*
FTA Software and Version FTA:  *#*#I I I I#*#*
Phone ROM version:  *#*#3264#*#*
Phone Bluetooth Test:  *#*#23233I#*#*
Phone PDA and Phone Firmware:  *#*# 1234##
Phone LCD Display Test:  *#*#0*#*#*
Sound Vibration, Backlight Test:  *#*#0842#*#*
Phone Proximity Sensor Test:  *#*#0588#*#*
Find Wi-Fi Mac Address:  *#*#232338#*#*
Phone Field Test:  *#*#7262626#*#*
Phone Camera Update:  *#*#34971539#*#*

I hope that all Android secret codes will help you to control your Android phone. Thank you.

How To Access Netflix’s Hundreds of Hidden Categories

How To Access Netflix’s Hundreds of Hidden Categories

Netflix is always using algorithms to help you find the best movies based on your taste, but what if you want something completely different?

By Diego Lopes • 01/26/17 03:46pm – Updated 03/01/17 03:46pm

Netflix has hundreds of hidden categories you can now access.
Source: XDA Developers

The way Netflix works is very simple when it comes to recommending you things to watch – it analyzes what you view the most and the ratings you give, and uses those tags to suggest similar material, following the idea that if you liked this Quentin Tarantino film, you will like this other one. That’s also why every Netflix feed looks different based on the user.

But sometimes you will find that you’ve seen most of what’s being suggested or the suggestions just stopped looking interesting, and you want to dive into new categories. Now, there is a way to do that, and it’s incredibly easy.
Netflix organizes your feed based on your preferences.
Source: Social Media Today

How to access the hidden categories

When navigating Netflix you will notice that whenever you enter a category, the URL address changes. For example, the Action & Adventure URL is “https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1365”, and the same goes the sub-categories within a genre, like “Action Thrillers”, “Boxing Movies”, and so on.

That number at the end is the category code.

Netflix will always suggest the categories you have the highest chance of enjoying, but now you can venture into the ones it never showed you, simply because they thought you wouldn’t like it – after all, they have hundreds of them.

None of them are forbidden, they are just hidden based on algorithms.

The basic URL for the “Action & Adventure” category looks like this:


Just pick one of the numbers on the list below and replace the number at the end of the address for the one you want. For example, say I want “Adult Animation”, code number 11881. I would simply paste this on my browser:


That’s it. It works the same way for every other category. Have fun!

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Action & Adventure: 1365
Action Comedies: 43040
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568
Action Thrillers: 43048
Adult Animation: 11881
Adventures: 7442
African Movies: 3761
Alien Sci-Fi: 3327
Animal Tales: 5507
Anime: 7424
Anime Action: 2653
Anime Comedies: 9302
Anime Dramas: 452
Anime Fantasy: 11146
Anime Features: 3063
Anime Horror: 10695
Anime Sci-Fi: 2729
Anime Series: 6721
Art House Movies: 29764
Asian Action Movies: 77232
Australian Movies: 5230
B-Horror Movies: 8195
Baseball Movies: 12339
Basketball Movies: 12762
Belgian Movies: 262
Biographical Documentaries: 3652
Biographical Dramas: 3179
Boxing Movies: 12443
British Movies: 10757
British TV Shows: 52117
Campy Movies: 1252
Children & Family Movies: 783
Chinese Movies: 3960
Classic Action & Adventure: 46576
Classic Comedies: 31694
Classic Dramas: 29809
Classic Foreign Movies: 32473
Classic Movies: 31574
Classic Musicals: 32392
Classic Romantic Movies: 31273
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147
Classic Thrillers: 46588
Classic TV Shows: 46553
Classic War Movies: 48744
Classic Westerns: 47465
Comedies: 6548
Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118
Country & Western/Folk: 1105
Courtroom Dramas: 528582748
Creature Features: 6895
Crime Action & Adventure: 9584
Crime Documentaries: 9875
Crime Dramas: 6889
Crime Thrillers: 10499
Crime TV Shows: 26146
Cult Comedies: 9434
Cult Horror Movies: 10944
Cult Movies: 7627
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 4734
Cult TV Shows: 74652
Dark Comedies: 869
Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028
Disney: 67673
Disney Musicals: 59433
Documentaries: 6839
Dramas: 5763
Dramas based on Books: 4961
Dramas based on real life: 3653
Dutch Movies: 10606
Eastern European Movies: 5254
Education for Kids: 10659
Epics: 52858
Experimental Movies: 11079
Faith & Spirituality: 26835
Faith & Spirituality Movies: 52804
Family Features: 51056
Fantasy Movies: 9744
Film Noir: 7687
Food & Travel TV: 72436
Football Movies: 12803
Foreign Action & Adventure: 11828
Foreign Comedies: 4426
Foreign Documentaries: 5161
Foreign Dramas: 2150
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies: 8243
Foreign Horror Movies: 8654
Foreign Movies: 7462
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 6485
Foreign Thrillers: 10306
French Movies: 58807
Gangster Movies: 31851
Gay & Lesbian Dramas: 500
German Movies: 58886
Greek Movies: 61115
Historical Documentaries: 5349
Horror Comedy: 89585
Horror Movies: 8711
Independent Action & Adventure: 11804
Independent Comedies: 4195
Independent Dramas: 384
Independent Movies: 7077
Independent Thrillers: 3269
Indian Movies: 10463
Irish Movies: 58750
Italian Movies: 8221
Japanese Movies: 10398
Jazz & Easy Listening: 10271
Kids Faith & Spirituality: 751423
Kids Music: 52843
Kids’ TV: 27346
Korean Movies: 5685
Korean TV Shows: 67879
Late Night Comedies: 1402
Latin American Movies: 1613
Latin Music: 10741
Martial Arts Movies: 8985
Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling: 6695
Middle Eastern Movies: 5875
Military Action & Adventure: 2125
Military Documentaries: 4006
Military Dramas: 11
Military TV Shows: 25804
Miniseries: 4814
Mockumentaries: 26
Monster Movies: 947
Movies based on children’s books: 10056
Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796
Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218
Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455
Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561
Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962
Music & Concert Documentaries: 90361
Music: 1701
Musicals: 13335
Mysteries: 9994
New Zealand Movies: 63782
Period Pieces: 12123
Political Comedies: 2700
Political Documentaries: 7018
Political Dramas: 6616
Political Thrillers: 10504
Psychological Thrillers: 5505
Quirky Romance: 36103
Reality TV: 9833
Religious Documentaries: 10005
Rock & Pop Concerts: 3278
Romantic Comedies: 5475
Romantic Dramas: 1255
Romantic Favorites: 502675
Romantic Foreign Movies: 7153
Romantic Independent Movies: 9916
Romantic Movies: 8883
Russian: 11567
Satanic Stories: 6998
Satires: 4922
Scandinavian Movies: 9292
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1492
Sci-Fi Adventure: 6926
Sci-Fi Dramas: 3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694
Sci-Fi Thrillers: 11014
Science & Nature Documentaries: 2595
Science & Nature TV: 52780
Screwball Comedies: 9702
Showbiz Dramas: 5012
Showbiz Musicals: 13573
Silent Movies: 53310
Slapstick Comedies: 10256
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: 8646
Soccer Movies: 12549
Social & Cultural Documentaries: 3675
Social Issue Dramas: 3947
Southeast Asian Movies: 9196
Spanish Movies: 58741
Spiritual Documentaries: 2760
Sports & Fitness: 9327
Sports Comedies: 5286
Sports Documentaries: 180
Sports Dramas: 7243
Sports Movies: 4370
Spy Action & Adventure: 10702
Spy Thrillers: 9147
Stage Musicals: 55774
Stand-up Comedy: 11559
Steamy Romantic Movies: 35800
Steamy Thrillers: 972
Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023
Supernatural Thrillers: 11140
Tearjerkers: 6384
Teen Comedies: 3519
Teen Dramas: 9299
Teen Screams: 52147
Teen TV Shows: 60951
Thrillers: 8933
Travel & Adventure Documentaries: 1159
TV Action & Adventure: 10673
TV Cartoons: 11177
TV Comedies: 10375
TV Documentaries: 10105
TV Dramas: 11714
TV Horror: 83059
TV Mysteries: 4366
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1372
TV Shows: 83
Urban & Dance Concerts: 9472
Vampire Horror Movies: 75804
Werewolf Horror Movies: 75930
Westerns: 7700
World Music Concerts: 2856
Zombie Horror Movies: 75405